Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hollywood All the Way

I know, it's been a while since i've blogged or put up my creations. Summer is generally a crazy busy month but that hasn't stopped me from baking. Rest assured, I have plenty of new cakes and ideas to share.

Let's start with a bridal shower that I, along with my sister and mom, threw for our cousin. The theme was hollywood so obviously we had to make a cake to reflect that. So, what better cake to make than a "Red Carpet" Cakescape.

Everything on this cake is edible except the candles. To go with the cake, I also made, what I call, my "Red Carpet" Cake Balls. They are leftover cake mixed with caramel frosting covered in butterscoth and drizzled with Red Melted candy.

Next up, is a, not so glamorous, tennis cake for my friend's brother's birthday. The tennis star is relaxing after a tiring victory.

Also, my first attempt was a carved car cake...and not just any sister's dream car - A Dodge Viper
I know, it doesn't look that much like a viper but not bad for my first attempt.

For an indian dance party i made mini dholki cakes. Dholki is an indian drum commonly used at weddings and what not.

Last, but not the least, an engagement cake for the happy couple. They wanted something simple and elegant and no fondant so that just narrows down to very limited items. The finished product is below :)

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dynamicduojr said...


I went crazy looking for your dholki cupcakes...If im not mistaken its just two cupcakes put together at the wide end, covered with fondant?