Friday, May 28, 2010

Cupcake Trilogy

All About Cupcakes

So, I'm in love with making cakes and cupcakes now...I love experimenting with flavors and frosting designs. I spend half the day baking and the other half distributing to friends and family (my guinea pigs :o)) to get feedback.

For the cupcakes below I tried the recipe behind the Hersheys Cocoa box. I read great reviews about it and WAS really great..very moist and scrumptious!

Holiday Cupcakes


Fall Cupcakes


My Cupcake Bouquet


Valentine Cupcakes

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Cakes (Part II)

Coach Purse and Shoe
I made this for my mom. She loved it :o)


Lightning McQueen

My version of Lightning McQueen for my son's bday :o)


Babyshower Cake ideas

Basketweaving Cake with roses made out of fondant.


Nintendo DS cakeThis was my very first attempt to make a cake on a large scale. I made this for my daughter's 7th birthday. She and all her friends got a kick out of this one.

The Perfect Present

what more can I say....this is the best birthday present anyone can get...have your cake and eat it too ;)

Farmville Cake

I made this for my cousin who loooves the Farmville game on Facebook. Cake is covered in buttercream icing. The veggies and animals are all made out of fondant.

Poker Cake

This was made for a friend of mine who is undoubtedly the "Poker Champ". This is all buttercream. I need to improve my buttercream skills.

Cricket Inspired Cake

So, I made this cake for my husband who is a huuuge fan of the game. It's all chocolate with fondant accents. He was really surprised :o)...Mission Accomplished!

My Cakes (Part 1)

Mother's Day Teaparty
The steam coming out of the cup has the names of all the moms at the party
All buttercream. Flowers are made out of fondant/gumpaste.

Starbucks Inspired Cake
This was made for an avid starbucks fan. Her favorite drink is Caramel Mocha Frappucino
I incorporated that in the cake by adding coffee flavor to the cake and using chocolate icing
The logo is frozen buttercream transfer :o). She loved it!

Toy Story Inspired Cake
Andy's Bed
This was made for twin boys who are avid toystory fans. German Chocolate with Pecan/coconut filling. All fondant accents except the toys - they are plastic figurines


Grill Cake
This cake was made for my dad who is a grill master. It's Butter Pecan Cake with all fondant accents. My son and daughter fought over who will eat the ketchup and mustard ...hehe
Wedding Cake Both Tiers : Butter Pecan Cake with Cream Cheese filling covered in MMF. Fondant Roses and Leaves.

A Woman's Essentials Kit
Bottom Layer : Chocolate Oreo Cake filled with Oreo Ganache covered in MMF. Top Layer : Marble Cake filled with Chocolate Icing covered in MMF. All Fondant Accents (Shoe, Eyeshadow, Lipstick, makeup brush)

A Sweet Journey

Inspired by my mom and derived by my sweet tooth, I entered this sweet world of baking when I was very young. At the time, I wasn't into baking cakes as much as making other yummy desserts. My love for cake baking actually started not too long ago when (after being unemployed for over a year) I decided to take my baking passion to whole 'nother level. I took a few culinary cake decorating classes and the rest (as they say) is history. Now, I can't imagine life without cakes, cupcakes and other yummy desserts. I've put my IT degree to good use ;o). Currently, I have a home-based business but my dream is to open my very own cozy little bakery where every craving meets satisfaction!

Here's a peak at some of my stuff...Enjoy :)