Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Dessert on a stick????

With everyone gearing towards health fads and other ways we can eat healthy and still enjoy our foods, it was only a matter of time someone came up with miniature dessert ideas. I gotta say, personally, I love miniature desserts. This way you can taste multiple things (packing on mutiple calories) instead of just one per sitting. I came across this blog about PIE POPS (yes, you heard correct)...PIE on a stick!!! How innovative and amazing is that.

I can't (and won't) take credit for the picture or for coming up with these (oh, so scrumptious) pie pops but I can definitely point you in the right direction.

Luxirare is one of the few who's mastered the art of creating Pie Pops. So much so, they have a step by step picture tutorial on their website http://luxirare.com/float/.

It's definitely on my list to try one of these days and when I do, i'll be sure to post my review :). So until then, happy baking!


For my sister's birthday, I decided to do a hawaiin theme and I must say, it was a blast to come up with colorful, fun desserts to match the theme. She loves flip flops and palm trees so voila!!! a flip flop cake! purrrfect...along with cupcakes topped with flip flop fondant toppers and rice krispie flip flop pops :). Fun, fun, fun....

The Cake

Cupcakes with fondant toppers

Rice Krispie Flip Flop Pops :)

Hawaiin Fruit Tart

Bollywood Style Dessert Table

A Bollywood Style Dessert Table for a bollywood style dance party.

Basically, the theme for this party was all bollywood (bright colors, lots of glam and glitter). The bride's sister asked me to make a doli  (a palanquin) cake as the center piece along with chocolate covered strawberries covered in edible silver glitter, rice krispie treat pops dipped in neon colors (green, orange, and purple), fruit tarts using color fruit (blackberries, rasperries, and kiwi) and hazelnut pastries. 

Desserts Craft Show

I set up shop at a craft show at work (I work in IT)..yes, i know, very different from baking. So, this is an annual craft show that my company puts together to help people that have other businesses to promote themselves. 

I made some samples for people to try - 7 layer bars, and cheesecake brownies and I had an assortment of cakepops, 7 layer bars, and oreo truffles for sale

Assortment of cakepops

Oreo Truffles - Pack of 4

7 layer Bars - Pack of 2

Dessert party

So, after we moved to our new place I could not think of a better way to announce our arrival in the neighborhood and get a few co workers together than by having a dessert party open house. Boy, was it fun and the turn out was great. After spending 2 days (yes, you heard correct - 2 days!!!) making desserts, it was rewarding seeing everyone enjoying themselves and, more importantly, enjoying all my hard work :).
So, what was on the menu, You ask??? Well, let's see if I can remember everything. 

1). Reese's peanut butter cookie dough dip served with Graham crackers and regular crackers.

2). Caramel apple pizza

3). Chocolate sundae cupcakes  - These were a big hit with all the kids
I baked the cupcakes directly in the cones!

4). Rice Krispie Treat pops 
(The credit for these pops goes to my 5 year old and 10 year old who took part in making them)

5). Individual Banana split parfaits (recipe courtesy of Kraft)

6). Oreo truffles

7). Graham Bites

8). Napolean pastries

9). 7 layer bars

10) Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese frosting

I was also going to make brownie crackle cookies, and chocolate fantasy, but after making all the above desserts, I was pooped out :). The Coffee was catered by Starbucks. This was my first time using them as my official party caterer for coffee and I must say, I was impressed. Along with the coffee, they also sent cups, lids, stirrers, 2 Grande size cups filled with creamer, Raw Sugar Packets, splenda packets, equal packets, regular sugar packets, and sweet'n low packets. Phew! 

Here are a few dessert table shots. Enjoy!! I will do a follow up post for recipes soon.